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We all know that our planet cannot sustain itself at the rate we are going. It is well documented that fossil fuels used to produce electricity also produce harmful emissions that affect the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat from contaminated soil. Sequoia Renewables are keen to be part of a healthier and sustainable lifestyle for all.

Solar energy is 100% clean and with every solar energy system added, vastly decreases the pollutants that affect global warming. The sun gives us more energy than we will ever need.

Solar Energy systems are extremely durable and require little or no maintenance throughout their productive lifetimes which is currently estimated to up to 40 years. Should your system need some help during that time, Sequoia Renewables does offer repair, maintenance and full asset management services.

The expertise we share directly with our clients is second to none, due to decades of relationships with Tier 1 manufacturers and accumulated purchasing power, providing best purchase conditions.


Customer support from the preliminary phase to dismantling systems after their useful life.


The design phase that is executed by our engineering team specifically for each project.


Our procurement management with suppliers, selection of components and the organization during each stage.


Co-ordination and management of the construction of the project until the commissioning tests have been carried out.

For more detailed information, please contact us.

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