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About Solar Energy in Spain

Electricity from the sun (photovoltaic effect) is a phenomena used all over the world, where by means of a semiconductor exposed to sunlight electricity is generated. The photovoltaic effect was discovered in 1839 by the French physicist, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel. Solar (photovoltaic) modules have been commercially available since the 1950's, showing that well produced modules have a useful life expectancy of over 40 years.


Investing in solar energy is therefore a safe bet, and its application in commercial and domestic applications have been gaining exponential growth the past decades. System prices have come down drastically and are rapidly becoming accessible to all walks of live. In the past system needed to be subsidised to be financially viable, however current prices offer direct competition with grid energy prices. Since the approval of the self-consumption Royal Degree 244/2019 the framework was created to own your installation without complex application process.


There are two types of self-consumption;

* Self-consumption without surplus, the solar system is configured to avoid the exportation of excess energy generation to the grid. This option takes the least amount of paperwork.


* Self-consumption with surplus, at moments that your solar system is generating more than your consumption, the energy will flow into the grid and is accounted for. The energy exported will be paid for at a price agreed by the Royal Degree, currently 5.1 cent/kWh for installations under 15kW.

Sequoia's team of experts is there to provide you with technical advice, detailed design, industry wide recognised simulations and the support and guarantees to get your project financed. We take care of all details from start to finish, making sure you own the highest yielding solar installation. Many clients find it interesting to view the daily generation but do not know how to recognise any issues with the system. We offer comprehensive Operation and Maintenance services adapting to each owners need, from monitoring and corrective maintenance to full blown asset management.

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Solar Panels and Batteries 

Sequoia's team can analyse your roof, electrical system and consumption for the suitability of a solar system and quickly advise you the best approach to a financially viable investment for your own sustainable energy supply.


We believe that distributed generation and particularly the use of existing roofs to generate energy for local consumption is a vital part of combating climate change, every little installation helps. The beauty of solar energy is that it is modular and infinitely scalable, fully compatible with other forms of electricity generation and the energy can be stored in combination with batteries.


Battery technology has drastically improved in the last few year with factories ramping up, bringing costs down all while  reducing the environmental impact.

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